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What does the "casino without registration" offer you?

The casino without registration (CoA) is a free gaming site that specializes in casino games Has. It combines real casino flair with free browser games that are modeled on familiar machines, table and card games. Do you like to play at machines or in casinos? Then you will have fun at the CoA. All games can be played directly in the browser without downloading, provided that the latest Flash Player is installed on your computer. If you have problems playing the casino games, please update your Flash Player first. To do this, please click here.

Can you play for real money in the CoA?

No. The CoA only offers free demo versions, which under no circumstances can be played for money. The casino games in the CoA are, so to speak, only for fun or also for practice purposes. If you want to play for real money, you can turn to one of our partner casinos. These are located directly below the browser games or you can also click here: Play for money. Registration at these online casinos is also free, so you can "sniff" in peace.

Is the CoA really free?

Yes. The CoA has no hidden or apparent costs. The casino games are unlimited in time and completely free of charge. In the CoA there is enough time to relax and play for free. If you want to support the CoA, we look forward to receiving a recommendation from you on Facebook, Google Plus or other social media sites. Share the CoA's customers with others so that even more players can take advantage of the free offer.

Are there any advantages or disadvantages to registering?

The registration in the CoA only serves the exchange between the players and the collecting of game points, through which the best players are determined. Anyone who registers in the CoA will never be annoyed with emails or newsletters and everything remains free. Unfortunately, the exchange is only possible between registered players. It is the same with the points, because these points have to be saved somewhere and therefore a free account is required. But nobody is forced to register. If you just want to play, you are cordially invited.

Is there a dress code in the online casino?

Of course not. Everyone can play as he or she wants. There are no dress codes in the online casino.

How can I suggest new casino games?

Just write a short message to the arcadmin by clicking on its name and clicking on "Write a message" on the right-hand side. Suggest your games by name and a very short reason and we will see if we can add the casino game to our program.